South Pacific Avionics
Calibration Department


We are proud to offer the following calibration services.

Force (incl weight and mass)Force gauges, hanging scales (crane scales), loadcells, dynometers and pan scales
Typical full-scale ranges 1 kg(f) to 10,000 kg(f)
Typical price range $150 to $300
Aircraft and vehicle scales (3-4 sensors)
Typical full-scale ranges 1000 kg to 10,000 kg (per sensor)
Typical price range $600 to $900
Cable tensiometers
Typical ranges from 10 lbf to 150 lbf
Typical price range $450 to $650
TemperatureThermometers, thermistors and thermocouples
0°C to 240°C
Priced from $250 (includes 4 test points)
DimensionVerniers, Digital Calipers, Micrometers (external, internal, depth and optical), height gauges, dial gauges (DTI), inclinometers and levels
Capability from 0.050″ to 39″ (1mm to 1m)
Typical price range $150 to $275
TorqueTorque Wrenches and screwdrivers
Capability from 0.4 to 600 (0.5 to 800 N.m)
Typical price range $150 to $175
Torque Multipliers
Capability up to 1500 (2000 N.m)
Typical price range $225 to $450
Torque tool testers and transducers
Capability from 0.4 to 750 (0.5 to 1000 N.m)
Typical price range $450 to $650
PressurePressure gauges, transducers and indicators
Absolute pressure, Gauge pressure and Differential
Capability from -14.5 psi to 10,000 psi (-1 bar to 700 bar)
The price depends on the accuracy of the gauge (which dictates the number of test points). Prices start at $150 for typical process type gauges
Crimp ToolsPIDG, Hex, Single Point Indent, 4 Point Indent.
Prices start at $125
MultimetersHandheld digital multimeters, clamp meters, insulation testers, milliohm meters and frequency counters.
Volts (AC and DC) from 350uV to 500V
Amps (AC and DC) from 350uA to 1A (clamp meters to 100A AC and 1000A DC)
Ohms from 1mΩ to 1GΩ
Freq from 1Hz to 1GHz
Testing is limited to the capability of the equipment being tested.
The price depends on the accuracy of the device and the number of test points. Prices start at $200
Specialised Aircraft Test EquipmentWe have extensive capabilities on aircraft test equipment including:
Hand Bearing Compass (Landing Compass)
ELT Testers
2312G Turbine Temp test set
DSS Microvibe II
Vibrex 2000
Strobex 192A Spectrum Analyser
Strobex 177A
SWR Analysers
Cable reflectometers
Oxy and Nitrogen filling rigs
Give us a call for a quote on any of these, or to discuss anything that we have left off the list above.