South Pacific Avionics
Calibration Department

Default Calibration Contract

1. Scope:

This default calibration contract serves to formalise the arrangement between South Pacific Avionics and any customers who send equipment for calibration, where those customers do not have a formal (written) calibration contract.

By sending any calibration work to South Pacific Avionics you agree to accept the terms and conditions layed out in this contract.

2. Calibration Standards
In the event that the customer does not identify the standard or procdedure that they require the item to be calibrated in accordance with, South Pacific Avionics will determine the most appropriate standard using the following guidelines:

-Manufacturer's published specifications or data - if available.
-Markings on the equipment that indicate the standard.
-Our experience of simmilar equipment.

The standard used for test prcedure and or compliance will be indicated on the calibration certificate.  If, on receipt of the certificate, the customer finds that the standard selected by South Pacific Avionics is not suitable for his intended useage, he must notify the management of South Pacific Avionics within 3 working days. South Pacific Avionics will use its best endeavours to conform the equipment to the customer supplied standard using the results already recorded. This work will be done at the customers expense. Note that more testing and results may be required which may require the return of the item.

Failed Calibrations.

In the event that the customers equipment does not comply with the standard, the customer will be notified promptly.

We will use our best endeavour to record the 'as received' results, and make them available to the customer. Note that due to the nature of some defects it is not always possible to record results.  Work done and time spent on equipment which fails calibration is charged to the customer at the South Pacific Avionics standard labour rate.


Unless prior arrangements have been made for credit terms. All calibration work will be invoiced to the customer at the completion of the job and must be paid in full prior to the return of the equipment.